rhett russo acoustic bodies 1.jpg
 The acoustical envelope is designed as a lightweight precast panel with integrated lighting elements and sintered ceramic components.
 3d printed prototypes showing the variegated light transmission through the ridges and valleys of the tiles.
 The concave features of the heaps are exposed to the outside of the performance space. Depending on the scale of the application, the granular morphology can be used to effect the particular scale of different frequencies of sound and subsequently different parts of the ceiling and walls. At this scale the entire hall can be modeled with convex surfaces These   models   are tests for a hall ceiling roughly 135 x 65 feet wide
 | ACOUSTIC BODIES PROJECT CREDITS | Design and production:  Rhett Russo |  Moldmaking:  Yasemin Uyar  | A portion of this project was supported through an Architecture and Design Independent project grant from the  New York State Council for the Arts  | 2015 |
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