rhett russo circuitjar 1 1.jpg
 Concave side (detail of convex) side, Prototype, unfired Porcelain, 2018, EKWC, slipcast / unpierced, 32 cm l. x 22 cm d. x 18 cm h.
rhett russo circuitjar 1 2.jpg
 | CIRCUITJAR I PROJECT CREDITS   | Design and Production:  Rhett Russo  | Assistant:  Ai Teng  | Lighting:  Zachary Pearson |  Special thanks to staff at the EKWC including  Pierlugi Pompeii  (moldmaking),  Marianne Peijnenburg ,  Katrin Kӧnig  (glazing & firing),  Sander Alblas , (digital fabrication) | Support for this project came from the Brown’s Traveling Fellowship at RPI | 2018-current |
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