rhett russo dumpling 1.jpg
rhett russo dumpling 2.jpg
 The razor thinness of the peaks and valleys allow light to penetrate the surface giving the edges and deep recesses their glow. Cast from translucent porcelain the interior is illuminated using LED lights to allow the jar to diffuse and reflect light into intricate and unexpected patterns. Each piece is slipcast and pierced to produce unique openings for light to escape.
 | DUMPLING PROJECT CREDITS   | Design and Production:  Rhett Russo  | Assistant:  Ai Teng  | Special thanks to staff at the EKWC including  Pierlugi Pompeii  (moldmaking),  Marianne Peijnenburg ,  Katrin Kӧnig  (glazing & firing),  Sander Alblas , (digital fabrication) | Support for this project came from the Brown’s Traveling Fellowship at RPI | 2018-current |
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