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 Convex side & Conave side, Limited Editions, EKWC, 2018. Partially glazed translucent Porcelain, slipcast, with piercings. Internally lit with red and green light via sensors. Green light spills out onto the surface while red light passes through the porcelain. 27 cm l. x 12 cm d. x 14 cm h.
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 | DUNEJAR II PROJECT CREDITS   | Design and Production:  Rhett Russo  | Assistant:  Ai Teng  | Lighting:  Zachary Pearson  | Special thanks to staff at the EKWC including  Pierlugi Pompeii  (moldmaking),  Marianne Peijnenburg ,  Katrin Kӧnig  (glazing & firing),  Sander Alblas , (digital fabrication) | Support for this project came from the Brown’s Traveling Fellowship at RPI | 2018-current |
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