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 Glaze tests on curved surfaces using sprayed on underglaze.
 Central body component after bisque firing. The central body component is 105 cm long and was press molded using a six part rubber mold. The top portion was molded separately and added to preserve the thinness of the exposed edges and the undercuts. Particular care was taken to insure that the individual parts had the same moisture content. Wet parts with slightly different moisture content do not bond well. The entire piece was supported on a three dimensional shrinkage plate during firing. Bisque fired stoneware clay. EKWC 2010.
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 Front leg support, 20 cm h. x 35 cm l. x 5 cm w. Left, stoneware fired in sand with a second firing for the white glaze. Right, Stoneware clay, with copper saturation, sprayed with yellow and green underglaze. The white glaze is applied by brush. A third fire was required for the copper saturation.
 Three final press molded, hollow stoneware parts, with glazed legs.
 | FLABELLA PROJECT CREDITS   | Design and Production:  Rhett Russo  | Ceramics assistants: Foekje Fleur van Duin ,  Aniek Meeldijk  | Mold making support:  Pieluigi Pompei ,  Marlies Crooijmans  | Glazing:  Marianne Peijnenburg  | Special thanks to the  Sundaymorning@EKWC  for their encouragement and expertise | EKWC 2010 |
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