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 Mold-less, sintered ceramic objects made by sorting ceramic grains through a sequenced two dimensional sieve and firing at high temperature. In order to find the best recipe a wide variety of clay bodies, including post- consumer ceramic waste, and frit were tested for their fidelity and bond strength.
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  “...it’s about the relationship between the logic of the material and the logic of the technology....with the Heap tiles, there is a specific material logic that is intrinsic to the work. If a different kind of material was used, it wouldn’t form (or ‘materially compute’) in the same way. The microscopic properties of each granule in the ceramic in relation to the perforated template patterns and the act of sifting is what determines the form. What is critical here is the relationship between a particular material and a particular technology.” ( Ila Berman, curator of ‘Material Matters’ )
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 | HEAP TILES PROJECT CREDITS | Design and Production:  Rhett Russo  | Ceramics assistants: Foekje Fleur van Duin ,  Aniek Meeldijk  | Special thanks to the  Sundaymorning@EKWC  for their encouragement and expertise | EKWC 2010 |
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