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 Tile M1, M2 and M3: The family of tiles is characterized by an asymmetrical arrangement of large islands. The attractors are arranged along fronts or boundaries that generate valleys between the large islands. The roughness of the surface was altered largely through the spacing and alignment of the oval attractors. This family has the largest draw depth, almost double the depth of family I (11.35 cm for M2). As a family, the M series contain the largest islands and the most uniformly articulated valleys. The theoretical principal guiding this series is to devise the deepest formations and to populate the coastline of the larger islands with both regular (M1) and irregular (M3) sequences of conical depressions.
 Geometric Normal Analysis and Raycasting of 30 degree rays on a 2d slice thru Tile M1.
 3-D Acoustic Goniometer, showing the microphone array, loudspeaker, turntable and the sample inside the Intertec chamber.
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 | SOUNDSCAPE PROJECT CREDITS | Tile design and production:  Rhett Russo  | Coding:  Farzin Lotfi-Jam  | Sample assembly and transport:  Balasruesh Balasubramaniam, Eli Meltzer  | Special advisor on rough surfaces: Prof.  David Bradley , Vasser College | A portion of this project was supported through an Architecture and Design Independent project grant from the  New York State Council for the Arts  | 2013 |
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